Flat roof inspection in Linden, NJ

Flat Roof + Snow =

When a flat roof has snow piled up on it, there are usually two choices. First you can have it removed, or you wait for it to melt. Now while New Jersey gets all 4 seasons of weather in one week, the chances of a very hot day after a snow fall are rare. As a result, sitting snow can cause damage beyond measure!

A pitched shingle roof will allow for weight to be evenly distributed whereas a flat roof will add a ton of weight to rafters, cause spider cracks found in the membrane to expand, leaks and at worst scenario a roof collapse!

Fortunately, this is preventable. Having a professional roofing company that specializes in flat roofs inspect your roof can save on headaches. Rafter integrity can be inspected. A core cut can be done. A core cut is when a core tool is used to cut through all layers of membrane to determine weight and previously installed systems. Unfortunately many contractors choose to take the easy route and add additional layers of roofing as opposed to ripping ti out and needless to say this adds a lot of weight.

Get your flat roof inspected as soon as YESTERDAY!

flat roof EPDM system installation

Firestone Flat Roof EPDM system

Roofing systems for flat roofs are not all the same. Many roofing contractors in New Jersey install low slope flat roofing systems only to have them services again in 10 years. Whereas premium warranties offered to commercial flat roof companies such as Zooguy Restorations LLC allow the system to be approved for up to 20 years. In some cases the old flat roofing system does not need to be removed but instead can be waterproofed by applying a silicone coating to the existing membrane. Doing so will allow for the roofing system to withstand ponding water. EPDM & TPO are solid membranes whose seams over lap. Whereas liquid applied roofing systems are virtually seamless! Contact us to book your New Jersey.

Kemper waterproofing systems in Linden, NJ

Kemper Waterproofing systems

New York (Manhattan) residents and property owners can use a Monolithic, seamless waterproofing membrane for long-term protection of structures and buildings. Proven performance on billions of square feet throughout the world. Our manufacture backing from Kemper ensures that the workmanship will be up to and or surpass the job site recommendations. This waterproofing system will allow for outdoor areas to be utilized for foot traffic and more!

waterproof roof installation in Linden, NJ

Do not rip your roof off, waterproof it!

New York & New Jersey residents with flat roofs now have the option of waterproofing their current roof instead of removing it. Depending on the condition of the existing membrane (not all roofs will qualify) but a commercial grade silicone coating can be applied which will extend the life span of the existing membrane as well as sustain pond-ing water on the roof. Providing that the roof is not holding much moisture, the roof can be cleaned, primed and coated saving the property owner thousands and making future maintenance a breeze!

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